Catalina Picture Tile

 I started Catalina Picture Tile in Venice, CA in 1978 under the early name of Palisades Picture Tile.  I had been collecting original Catalina Tiles from the Catalina Tile and Pottery Factory that was located at Pebbly Beach during the years 1927-1937.

 Because these tiles were so scarce, I decided to make high quality reproductions for other collectors.

packing a box for Eleanor Roosevelt                                    the plant at Pebbly Beach c. 1930's courtesy Catalina Island Museum

 In Avalon I took rubbings of all the bird and fish sets to make sure the lines of the tiles would be as accurate as possible to the originals. Besides these reproductions, I decided to create a whole line of my original ideas called "scenes I wish the old company had made".  All are done in the original Catalina Style. The glazes used are as close in color to the original as possible. Firing is to Cone 06 and tile sizes used are 6x6", and 8x8".

I hope you enjoy what you see on the following pages. 


The colors of a Catalina sunrise never cease to amaze me.....