Catalina Picture Tile

CATALINA PICTURE TILE Custom Decorative Tile

Besides playing the violin, making tiles is my creative passion. I love being able to recreate the historic style of the Old Catalina Tile Company... and I get a rush every time I open my kiln after a firing. Just like I get a rush after playing a beautiful classical piece. 

 Add some beauty and uniqueness to a fountain, fireplace, back-splash--have your home address numbers done, Catalina style. Decorate your entry way. Set them in your stairs as risers. Give them as specialized trivet gifts. Murals can also be custom designed for you. Just give me your idea for a design.

 After 30 plus years of tile-making, many references and pictures of installations can be made available upon request.

This is an old Catalina design....."Fantasy Bird"    $239.00 for 12x18"

$299.00 for 16x24" Shipping Included


Reproductions of the Old Catalina Tile Company tile scenes can give the authentic look without the hefty price tag. 

This is me, getting ready for a gig...

I am part of a new project, "Artists for Trauma".  The founder of the non-profit matches trauma victims with artists who use mixed media to assist in the healing process.  Click on the following link to see the prototype and to hear me play.  The opening solo is Massenet's Meditation; I composed and played the music for the interpretive dances.

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