Catalina Picture Tile


What was the Catalina Tile and Pottery Company?

The Catalina Island Tile and Pottery factory was the brainchild of William Wrigley, Jr. and David M. Renton. Rich clay deposits were found on the Island, and Mr. Wrigley saw this as a way to provide jobs and create an allure about the Island. In the Catalina Island Tile and Pottery Company's 10 years of existence (1927-1937) at Pebbly Beach, millions of pottery and tile pieces were made and painted, one at a time. You will see these spectacular original tile designs and murals all over the Island, set into walls, fountains, buildings and homes.

What tiles are used in firing?

We use brown clay tiles like the old company did. Currently we use high fire 6x6" and 8x8" Terra Cotta Bisque floor tiles blanks from Italy from Sima Tile.

When will my tiles ship?

We ship on the next business day after payment is made if the scene is in stock. Otherwise your order is custom made, within 3 weeks of the paid order.

Are these tiles factory made?

No, they are hand-glazed by tile artisan: Chris Reutinger. Every tile is slightly unique as no 2 firings are exactly the same.

Can I custom order my own scene?

Yes, we take custom orders and work with your design. All custom work is made as close as possible to your request but there may be color variations in firing so color is at the artisans choice. Custom colors may be requested. An upfront deposit is requested for custom work and colors that need to be special ordered. Custom orders as sold: Sale is Final.

Can you make larger or smaller sizes of the old Catalina Scenes?

Yes We Can! Smaller sizes are seen on our site under SINGLE TILES. Larger sizes are made with HOW LARGE DO YOU WANT IT in mind.

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